Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Joan Rivers, SHO and Conan

E! has Joan Rivers Take over the network for the week
No overtime or health benefits!

Glass Elevator raises glass ceiling

SHO cancels "The Borgias"
Viewers must go on internet to find boobs

Conan O'Brien to host clips of "The Tonight Show"
No one found this awkward?

Hollywood mating call
Rickey Gervais said he was open to host the Oscars
Who isn't?
picking out a fancy black T-shirt just in case they ask
hosting Oscars is no win situation. Everyone is always disappointed in the host. Even Jon Stewart and Letterman couldn't get Kudos. Everyone waxed nostalgic for Billy Crystal until he actually came back and hosted. Then it was like, "This guy is corny." Yeah, that's why you wanted him back.