Thursday, May 9, 2013

Youtube Charges, Bars will be Rescued, Pilot pickup, Harry Potter hides out

Rap Battle Network, Baby First Plus, BIGSTAR Movies, Big Think, DHX Junior TV,, I Love Docs Channel, Gravitas Movies, HD Net, National Geographic Kids, Nelvana’s Treehouse Direct, (Roger) Corman’s Drive-In, DocuRama, NuestroPix, Gay Direct, PrimeZone Sports, Acorn TV, Laugh Factory VIP, PGA Digital Golf Academy, and UFC Select are Youtube channels no one will watch again.
Tweens ask for a raise in their allowance as Youtube ads pay service.

Spike TV re-news "Bar Rescue."
John Taffer re-signed his contract to host after dotting his t's and crossing his i's.

NBC Picks up "About A Boy"
Ensuring co-star Al Madrigal will never return my calls now.

Ovation Channel Announces Original Programming
Including a show with SNL regular, Jon Hamm
Ovation's new slogan: "We don't get this channel either."